Weld Finance Lend and Borrow In The Decentralized Platform

Weld Finance plans to be a multi chain largest decentralized financial protocol, which is dedicated to offering users
comprehensive, convenient and decentralized financial services for digital assets

Weld Finance

Weld Finance protocol is a multi chain money market protocol aimed at establishing fund pools whose interest rates are determined by an algorithm based on the supply and demand of different assets. There are two roles within the protocol, namely suppliers and borrowers. Both of them interact directly with the protocol to earn or pay a floating interest rate. On weld finance , each money market corresponds to a unique asset BTC, USDT or any chain asset, and entails an open and transparent ledger that records all transactions and historical interest rates.

Decentralized Nature

Weld finance is governed by its community through voting.

Secure Platform

The Weld finance contract codes have undergone stringent security audits. Will soon offer a bounty to community members who help find vulnerabilities.

Price Oracle

With the aid of the decentralized oracle and a price protection mechanism, Weld finance shields the markets from liquidation losses brought on by malicious actions.

Community First

Weld finance is a decentralized and community-governed system where users participate in governance by holding WELD tokens.

Build Community Together

Both users and developers are welcome to offer suggestions for the development of Weld finance. Developers contribute codes to construct proposals, which WELD holders vote on.

Risk Governance

Weld finance risk governance is overseen by the community, with the goal of mitigating protocol risks and defending against any potential external attacks. It safeguards supply and borrow markets as well as user assets by upgrading protocols and monitoring markets.

Scalable Ecosystem

A growing number of DApps are collaborating with Weld finance DAO to create a multi-chain DeFi ecosystem

BTFS Storage3

Storage3 is a next-generation application for storage based on the decentralized storage protocol BTFS. It brings users a fresh experience by giving them easy access to BTFS for the deployment of DApps.

Decentralized USD

Weld finance maintains USDK's over-collateralization while facilitating the supply and borrow services of all stablecoins on PSM.


All tokens supported by Weld finance can be staked for liquidity mining and exchanged for other tokens on the KFT platform, offering greater rewards.


Partnered with the KFT cross-chain bridge, Weld finance allows supplied and borrowed tokens to be transferred between Ethereum, TRON, BSC, and BTTC.


Integrated with the over-collateralized stablecoin USDK, Weld finance allows users to vote on the USDK governance proposals.

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